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The Mill House
Hyde Drive
RH11 0PL
A brief history of The Mill House

Stuart, Peter and Sheila welcome you to The Mill House and we hope you have an enjoyable visit to our restaurant.

The Mill House has over its long life seen many changes to its form and construction.

The first construction circa 1550 is believed to have been a two bay house with a smoke bay at one end.  The timber framing remains intact but the original wattle and daub walling has been replaced with brick noggin. Access to the first floor would have been by ladder.  

By 1600 brick chimneys were becoming normal and it is believed that it was at that time that the brick chimney was constructed and a further bay added beyond the chimney to produce a four bay house.  To the rear of the house further extensions were built and are believed to have incorporated a staircase to replace the first floor ladder access.  During this time and until much later successive millers and their families occupied the dwelling.

In the 1970’s the building was unoccupied and it was to be demolished but after local objections and consideration of the growth of Ifield permission was granted for a change of use to that of a Public House and Restaurant incorporating very substantial extensions which now form the Kitchens & Restaurant.

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